About Real Dog

Real Dog started in 2010 with outdoor dog pack adventures, rain or shine. Our first winter was especially rainy, and my leather leashes, which I thought were the best option on the market quickly became a source of frustration. They soaked up water, stayed wet overnight, stretched, smelled, and leached dye onto my hands and clothes. I'd have to hang my leashes each evening over the heater vent in my home just to dry them out, but then they would get stiff and crack. The stitching slowly began to rot, fray, and ultimately, my once-trusty leather leashes started falling apart. It was during the following summer that a good friend and colleague introduced me to a material I had never heard of or seen in stores: BioThane. I will never go back.

The BioThane used in Real Dog products consists of a PVC coated nylon webbing that combines the tensile strength of nylon webbing with the durability, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and cleanability of PVC. It doesn't stretch, it doesn't absorb moisture, it won't mold or mildew or rot, has excellent color retention, and is soft and flexible enough to be very comfortable in hand. It has a consistent breaking strength of 1000lbs/inch (width), unlike leather, which has an unpredictable breaking strength due to inconsistencies in it's composition. Also unlike leather, BioThane is produced in lengths of up to 3000 feet, making any useful length of leash safe and reliable.

All the metal hardware used in Real Dog products is either constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant metals, such as brass, nickel, and stainless steel, or is constructed of corrosion-resistant nickel-plated steel.

Each Real Dog leash and collar is created by hand and thoroughly inspected to ensure only the highest quality products are provided to our customers.